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Apartment Building Management and Leasing

Residential Property Management

Serving Southern California Since 1987

Pacific Realtors is an affiliate of CoastManagement.net. We provide apartment building management and leasing services in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County.

Pacific Realtors will actively manage your apartment building providing superior service and results while achieving the lowest possible costs. The accounting and financial services we provide will be comprehensive, timely and accurate. Our complete service includes 24-hour, 365 days per year emergency response service.


Mission Statement of Pacific Realtors

  • Our goal is to increase the value of your property by improving its cash flow. We will do everything possible to maximize rental income while minimizing operating expenses.
  • Our goal is to make your income property desirable to tenants so that they are attracted to your property and want to stay.
  • Our goal is to manage your property in a business like manner by providing solid advice and then implementing the owner's decisions in a timely manner.
  • Our goal is to be responsive to the phone calls of our client owners as well as tenants who pay rent to the owner.
  • Our goal is to have our staff live by the Golden Rule at all times.
  • Our goal is to serve our clients by providing good stewardship and advice at all times.
  • Our goal is to use our position as property managers to protect and improve our environment while conserving valuable resources.

Rental Payment Guarantee

During the entire period of time we are providing apartment management services, we will pay 50% of any attorney's fees you incur to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent subject to the following:

  • The tenant was found by Pacific Realtors;
  • The law firm to be used shall be Michael T. Chulak & Associates which shall charge its then standard fees. (Michael Chulak is an owner of Pacific); and
  • You pay a one time fee of $200 for a single rental home or $80 per unit for multiple units within 30 days of our property management start date.

Why Pacific Realtors Does Not

Provide Property Maintenance Services Directly

Pacific Realtors does not provide property maintenance services directly (including landscape maintenance) because we believe that providing these services directly creates a conflict of interest with management clients which cannot be addressed satisfactorily.

Management companies have the responsibility (a fiduciary duty) for making certain that their clients receive the greatest value possible for every dollar spent on property maintenance services. This means the management company must make certain that their clients do not pay an excessive billing rate, do not pay for an excessive number of hours billed, do not pay for inferior work, do not pay for unnecessary work, and that maintenance is scheduled so as to minimize the number of service calls in order to minimize your overall cost.

Companies that provide property maintenance services directly are in business to maximize their profit. This legitimate goal is in direct conflict with the property owner’s goal of minimizing maintenance costs. We believe a management company cannot reconcile this conflict of interest if it provides maintenance services to its client. For example, it is possible that the need to meet payroll costs could influence the management company’s judgment as to how much maintenance is “necessary” at your building.

A management company that hires only independent, third party property maintenance companies, such as Pacific Realtors has the incentive and ability to fully protect property owners without regard to the profitability of the maintenance operation. A management company that directly provides maintenance services may not have the same incentive or ability.

By law, a management company, as agent for the owner, has the duty to put your interest above its own. Pacific Realtors is in a position to do exactly that. We take our responsibility seriously. Visit: Contractors and Vendors Wanted and Construction Managers Wanted.

Our company owns a 50% interest in CoastSecurityServices.com, a California Corporation. The company installs and monitors burglar and fire alarm systems in private homes, businesses and other locations. It also installs video surveillance cameras to enhance security on private property. CoastSecurityServices.com does not provide property maintenance services, and repairs only security related equipment.


Landlord - Tenant Law


Apartment Building Investors, Buyers and Sellers

Michael Chulak, President of Pacific Realtors, is a real estate and homeowner association attorney and general contractor. He became a Certified Property ManagerŪ in 1979. Should it ever become necessary, we can assist you with an unlawful detainer - eviction.

Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced and highly motivated, providing attentive and responsible support. When you hire Pacific Realtors you hire more than a manager – you hire team of professionals. Pacific provides services that can be customized for your specific requirements.

Pacific Realtors has a simple and effective approach: we serve every client as if they were our only client. Please call us Monday - Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. We will be pleased to review your management needs and prepare a proposal that best meets your requirements. Not all property management companies are the same. The property management company you select will have a profound effect on the value and desirability of your property. Please visit: How much are you losing on your vacancies?, Qualifying Criteria - Rental Properties, and Fire Safety Checklist.  Consider buying an apartment building with a Self-Directed IRA - 401K Account.


REO Property Management and Sales

Pacific Realtors can manage and sell your REO properties located in Los Angeles County and Ventura County. We provide REO property management, leasing, and marketing services to commercial banks, credit unions, pension funds, private real estate lenders / investors, and homeowner associations that have found it necessary to foreclose on real estate. The types of properties we manage and sell include single family detached homes, condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, retail properties, and land. We provide 24 / 7 / 365 emergency services to our clients.

We can provide security, low-cost no conflict maintenance, cash for keys, eviction services, inspections, rehabilitation, written reports, the serving of notices, and much more.

Our fees are highly competitive and can be paid when the property is sold and escrow closes. Please call us for a proposal.


Real Estate Broker – Agent

Property Management Referrals

When real estate agents refer their investor clients to us for residential property management services, they can be 100% certain that we will notify the referring agent when we become aware of the property owner's intention to sell the property. Very simply, we will not compete with you for a listing when you refer the management to us. Providing first rate residential property management services has been our top priority since 1987.


Do You Want to Sell Your Rental Properties?

Pacific Realtors or one of its affiliates may have an existing individual or partnership client that would like to purchase your rental properties. If you have an interest in selling or exchanging your rental properties or other property including land, please call us so that we may discuss how we can assist you in meeting your goal.


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Please call Michael Chulak for a property management proposal for your rental home or for additional information.


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