California Lutheran University


California Lutheran University, also known as Cal Lutheran or CLU, is a 225 acre private university affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The main campus is in Thousand Oaks, with satellite campuses in Woodland Hills and Oxnard More than 4,300 undergraduate and graduate students attend Cal Lutheran..

Cal Lutheran has been ranked 18th among Regional Universities in the West by U.S. News & World Report. Forbes ranked CLU 276 out of 650 "Top Colleges" in the United States.

CLU has four academic divisions:

College of Arts and Sciences
School of Management
Graduate School of Education
Adult Evening Program


William Rolland Art Center

The William Rolland Art Center provides modern facilities for the Cal Lutheran Art Department. It houses teaching and learning spaces for visual arts such as painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture.


William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

California Lutheran University

The William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art at California Lutheran University consists of bronze statuary and paintings from the collection of William Rolland. The gallery’s exhibits rotate three to four times each year. The gallery hosts an educational series of events each year. Memberships are available.


Kingsmen Shakespeare Company

The Kingsmen Shakespeare Company at California Lutheran University is a non-profit professional theater organization dedicated to presenting professional programs and performances of the works of William Shakespeare for the education and entertainment of people of all ages. The Kingsmen Shakespeare Company, which was formed in 1997, is a collaboration between the Santa Susana Reparatory Theatre Company and the Drama Department of Cal Lutheran.


Scandinavian Cultural Center

The Scandinavian Cultural Center contains an extensive collection of historical and cultural documents and artifacts, which are available for viewing by the public.


Scandinavian Festival

Scandinavian American Cultural and Historical Foundation

The Scandinavian American Cultural and Historical Foundation (SACHF) operates the Scandinavian Center on the campus of California Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks. The Scandinavian Center contains an extensive collection of historical and cultural documents and artifacts, which are available for viewing by the public. The mission of the SACHF is to preserve and promote Scandinavian Heritage and Culture for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations. The SACHF is a sponsor of the annual Scandinavian Festival held each year in Thousand Oaks.


Samuelson Chapel

Samuelson Chapel, with its sweeping walls of stained glass, is home to Cal Lutheran’s campus ministry programs and the site of numerous musical, academic, cultural, and special events during each year.


Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (PLTS), founded in 1952 and located in Berkley, California, is part of California Lutheran University. The seminary is dedicated to developing leaders for the church and offers both advanced degree and certificate programs.


Mount Clef

Mount Clef is a small mountain or hill reaching 925 feet. It is part of the Mountclef Ridge that separates Thousand Oaks from the Santa Rosa Valley. California Lutheran University is located just south of Mount Clef. The neighborhood just to the east of Cal Lutheran is known as Mountclef Village.








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