Conejo Open Space

Conservation Agency


The Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA) has responsibility for preserving, protecting, and managing open space within the Conejo Valley. The COSCA currently owns and/or manages over 11,300 acres of open space and maintains over 140 miles of trails. The trails include trails for hiking, biking, and equestrian use. They connect local neighborhoods with open space areas including the Santa Monica Mountains.

Other areas owned and maintained by the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency include:

Arroyo Conejo Open Space

Conejo Canyons Open Space

Conejo Ridge Open Space

Deer Ridge Open Space

Dos Vientos Open Space

Fireworks Hill

Joel McCrea Wildlife Preserve

Knoll Open Space

Labisco Open Space

Lake Eleanor Open Space

Lang Ranch Open Space

Los Padres Open Space

Los Robles Open Space

Los Vientos Open Space

Lynnmere Open Space

South Ranch Open Space

North Ranch Open Space

Old Meadows

Potrero Ridge Open Space

Rancho Potrero Open Space

Southshore Hills

Summit House Open Space

Sunset Hills Open Space

Tarantula Hill Open Space

Wildwood Park


Conejo Open Space Foundation

The Conejo Open Space Foundation was created in 1995 to promote and maintain the open space and trail systems in the Conejo Valley and to educate residents as to their roles as stewards of our open space and environment. The Conejo Open Space Foundation is involved in preserving open space in the areas owned by the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency and Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.








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