Malibu Creek State Park


Malibu Creek State Park, consisting of over 7,000 acres, is located in the Santa Monica Mountains just 25 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The park provides opportunities for hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and bird watching. Malibu Creek, which flows through Malibu Creek State Park, is the principal water course in the Santa Monica Mountains and was the center for Chumash Native American life for centuries. The Century Lake and Dam is located on Malibu Creek within the Malibu Creek State Park. The main entry is located four miles south of highway 101 on Las Virgenes Canyon/Malibu Canyon Road. The park is located just south of Agoura Hills, west of Calabasas, and north of Malibu. Tapia Park located south of the main entrance is a popular portal.

Malibu Creek State Park was transferred to the state in 1974 by former President Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope, and 20th Century Fox Studios. Hundreds of films were made at the site.

The Reagan Ranch is now part of Malibu Creek State Park and the trailhead to Mesa Peak starts within the state park.



Lake Vista Trail

Lake Vista Trail in Malibu Creek State Park has a scenic overlook that provides a beautiful view of Malibou Lake, Malibu Lake Mountain Club, and the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains. The 4.1 mile trail starts at 27800 Mulholland Highway just south of Agoura Hills. It is a very popular hike.


Rindge Dam

The Rindge Dam, a 100 foot tall concrete dam, constructed in 1924 by the Rindge Family on Malibu Creek, is located in Malibu Creek State Park, approximately 2.5 miles north of Malibu Lagoon in Los Angeles County. The nearly 600 acres behind the dam has been filled with sediment since the early 1950s which has created a waterfall from Malibu Creek. The dam is very difficult to access.


Goat Buttes

The Goat Buttes are a group of large sandstone outcroppings located along the Backbone Trail that runs through the Santa Monica Mountains for nearly 68 miles from Will Rogers State Historic Park in Pacific Palisades to Point Mugu State Park. The Goat Buttes are located in the southwestern area of Malibu Creek State Park at the north end of Corral Canyon Road. The Goat Buttes can be viewed from Las Virgenes View Park in Calabasas.


Liberty Canyon Natural Preserve

Liberty Canyon is a natural preserve within Malibu Creek State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. A trail leads from the head of the canyon to the valley floor. Liberty Canyon Natural Preserve is located directly north of Mulholland Highway and directly east of Las Virgenes Creek and Las Virgenes Road.


Salvation Army Camp Mt. Crags and Camp Gilmore

The Salvation Army operates a youth camp for children ages 7 to 16 in the Santa Monica Mountains, south and east of Malibu Creek State Park and west of Tapia Park. Brents Mountain is immediately to the west of the camp. The purpose of the camp is to serve children from low-income families and to meet their physical, social, and spiritual needs.



Malibu Creek State Park and the Santa Monica Mountains were home to the Chumash People for thousands of years before the area was claimed by Spain and later by Mexico.


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