Rocky Peak Park


Rocky Peak Park consists of more than 4,800 acres of critical wildlife habitat linking the Simi Hills to the Santa Susana Mountains. The park is located between Simi Valley and Chatsworth in the San Fernando Valley and was once owned by entertainer Bob Hope. Rocky Peak Park includes numerous hiking trails, spectacular sandstone boulders, and perennial water sources. It is both beautiful and unique. Access is at the north end of Yosemite Avenue in Simi Valley. Michael D. Antonovich Regional Park is adjacent to and west of Rocky Peak Park.


Rocky Peak

Rocky Peak is located within Rocky Peak Park and, at 2,715 feet, is the third highest point in the Santa Susana Mountains. It overlooks Chatsworth and much of the San Fernando Valley. The views are quite spectacular. The peak is on the boundary line of Los Angeles County and Ventura County. The highest peak in the Santa Mountains, Oak Peak, is located to the east.

Chumash Trail - Rocky Peak Park

The Chumash Trail, named for the Chumash Indians who inhabited the area for thousands of years, is located in the western section of Rocky Peak Park in the Santa Susana Mountains of Simi Valley near Hummingbird Trail. Large sandstone outcroppings, caves, and several scenic overlooks will be found along the trail which also offers spectacular views of Simi Valley, the Simi Hills, the San Fernando Valley, the Santa Susana Mountains, Blind Canyon, and Las Llajas Canyon.