Westlake Lake



Westlake Lake is a man-made lake consisting of 125 acres located in Westlake Village. Half of the lake is in Los Angeles County and the other half in Ventura County. La Venta Road is the only street leading to and from Westlake Island which is in the middle of the lake bisecting the county line.

The lake is owned, maintained, and controlled by Westlake Lake Management (WLMA), a non-profit organization. There are 1,300 homeowner members in seven residential districts and one commercial district called The Landing. Each of the 8 districts is represented on the WLMA Board of Representatives which consists of 33 members. A major feature of the lake is the Westlake Yacht Club.


Westlake Yacht Club

The Westlake Yacht Club is both a sailing and social club consisting of approximately 230 members living in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, and Calabasas. The clubhouse is located at The Landing on the lake in Westlake Village. The club offers reciprocity with other Yacht Clubs and promotes sailing and racing for adults and children.


Potrero Valley Creek

Potrero Valley Creek carries excess water from Lake Sherwood Lake to Westlake Lake in Westlake Village during periods of heavy rain. Excess water from Westlake Lake flows to Malibou Lake and then to Malibu Creek where it flows to Malibu Lagoon which is part of the Santa Monica Bay and Pacific Ocean.



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